Seeking an altruistic kidney donor

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Donate Life Day

DONATE LIFE: Today you have the ability to bring a second chance to people in need.

“Without the organ donor, there is no story, no hope, no transplant. But when there is an organ donor, life springs from death, sorrow turns to hope and a terrible loss becomes a gift.” UNOS

Please take the time today to register as an organ donor.

A day in the life of CKD

Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) is an invisible and quiet disease in the beginning. A person can be losing kidney function without even knowing it. That is why it is important to see your physician for an annual exam at minimum. Kidney function can be checked with just a simple blood test and urine analysis.

For my wife CKD stage 4 is tiring. She wakes up tired, goes to work tired and comes home each day exhausted. On weekends she crashes and sleeps most of the time. She makes fun of how she lives her life in her jammie pants. She keeps her spirits high by focusing on the positive. One positive for her is working full-time. As long as she can go to school to be with her kids all day, she is happy.

In addition to working full-time, her after school routine is often a trip to the clinic for a blood pressure check, blood test, weight check or a visit with one of many specialists. This routine is one of the most difficult for her as it interrupts her day. She often has to miss visiting her 88 yr mother, give up an after school function with colleagues, give up time on one of her many hobbies and often misses time with family.

How does she stay so positive?? Her optimistic attitude. She knows that her living kidney donor is out there somewhere. The email or phone call will come that a match has been found. She has a bag packed and is ready to go at any time. Our entire family is looking forward to when Lynn can be with us 100% and enjoying her life to the fullest.

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Meet my wife Lynn

I am writing this blog for my wife Lynn who suffers from Chronic Kidney Disease and is need of a Kidney Transplant. She is registered on the Kidney Transplant list at the University of Minnesota Transplant Center. She is seeking a live kidney donor as that will give her the best outcome so that in the future she is around to not only enjoy her children,but grandchildren as well.

The picture above is Lynn with her best friend Tillie (a rescue dog). These two are inseparable. As you can see Lynn always has a smile on her face that goes with her upbeat and positive attitude. If you were to meet Lynn for the first time you would never think she was sick. Her constant smile and contagious laugh help all of us through each day. She does not let anything get her down. Definitely a glass half full type of person.

In addition to being my loving wife, she is a mother of four and a high school teacher. I do not know where she finds the energy for our kids and then her school kids on top of that. Like I said, always a smile on her face. A willingness to go the extra mile. Anything for her kids ( family and school).

When Lynn is feeling well, she enjoys many hobbies. Those include: Genealogy, Hiking, Gardening, Walking, Camping, Interior Design, Photography and of course her animals, especially Tillie.

I will continue to post on Lynn’s progress, information about kidney disease and more.